Friday, September 3, 2010

Submissions, submissions, submissions...

As an editor, you get a first hand glimpse into the masterpieces that writers crank out with gitty excitement as they submit in hopeful, wanton pleading that this one will get picked up. Over the years, as editors, we've read our share of some truly great pieces, and our share of crap. Yes, its okay to say that because some of those horrid lines still stick out in our minds even to this day. That is probably the truest sense of horror: when bad fiction or lines stick in your brain, taking up valuable space for better prose.

However, we have to say that for submissions for this reading period, we have been both impressed and amazed at the quality of work coming in. Seriously, this humbles us that we are able to read the next Bran Stoker winners, the next Michael Laimo, even the next Stephen King perhaps.

So with that said, please keep them coming, especially the artwork.

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