Friday, September 17, 2010

Artwork...snapshots of darker realms

We've been so impressed with the submissions and quality of artwork and photography coming out way. We have photographs of actual wood carvings, some lovely ancient cemetery photos, a few black and white still life photos, as well as computer and ink generated originals.

So much so, that Bete Noire Magazine is seriously going to consider doing a special issue of nothing but artwork in addition to the four issues done yearly. We've gotten a lot of awesome, inspiring submissions and it would be a shame to pass them up simply because there isn't room.

If you're wondering what we like in terms of art, the answer is everything. Oftentimes the art we select not only strikes a note with us, but also because it resonates a story that's currently been selected.

....creepy Gothic statues, shadowy silhouettes, please...keep them all coming...we like our art like we like our coffee..dark....

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