Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Singing our Praises...

When A.W. and I started on this adventure, we had one goal in mind: to publish the best we could find in dark speculative fiction-both in writing and art.

We've had a lot of fun and enjoyment out of it. It's hard to articulate just how excited and hopeful we get when we open a new reading period. I love reading new works from familiar authors, but we love getting submissions from first time authors as well. It's a great feeling to get a response back from a first time author who's received an acceptance, because that means we are accomplishing what we set out to do. In addition, its nice to get praises and kudos along the way, not to be a stroke to the old ego, but to remind us that we are in fact on track with our goals, and the public is happy with our efforts.

But we had to take this time to share a couple of 'woo-hoo' moments we had over the weekend.

First, Dark Opus Press had a stellar review for In Poe's Shadow! We are beyond thrilled to share the review with everyone. Please check out the following link to see what was said...

In addition, the next day we found out that Dark Opus Press's first maiden publishing effort of In Poe's Shadow, made a Top 20 Books of 2011 list! We are beyond thrilled! And we want to share that link as well..

.....So on those happy notes, we just want to remind everyone about the new anthology theme: Seven Deadly Sins. For info, guidelines, and deadlines, please check out our home page at for more updates!

Happy writing, and hope to read and look at more from you during our upcoming reading period!

J.L. Gifford
Assistant Editor

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