Sunday, June 26, 2011

Poe, Lovecraft, Anthologies, and Subscriptions

We've been asked several times on our Facebook page as to whether or not we're planning on doing an anthology on H.P. Lovecraft, like we are doing for Edgar Allen Poe? The short answer: possibly.

The long answer is a little more complicated, with several factors to consider. We don't get a lot of Lovecraftian pieces now, so I'm not sure if there is a need for an entire anthology dedicated to him. Also, AW and I aren't passionate when it comes to Lovecraft. We recognize his impact on literature as a whole, especially in the horror genre. His monsters are suburb. But for us, we just aren't as impressed by Lovecraft as others. To each their own.

But it would be crude for AW and I not to tip our hats to the man who made Cthulhu. But would an anthology be necessary, or perhaps an entire edition of the magazine dedicated to him? As I suggested (always playing devil's advocate), then 'wouldn't that implying that we think less of Lovecraft than we do of Poe?'

We acknowledge that it would be a challenge for us personally, as we aren't passionate about Lovecraft. While it won't make or break an anthology, we believe that our passion and drive for the dark speculative fiction we love is what's made Bete Noire Magazine so successful.

Ah, quagmires. And decisions.

So, we want some feedback? Anthology for Lovecraft? Would a magazine edition to him suffice? What other themes do you want to see in terms of anthologies? Inquiring minds...

Oh, and lastly, because we've been doing extremely well at the Cons and magazine subscriptions, we're offering a special:

One year's subscription to Bete Noire Magazine, $26, plus a FREE copy of our upcoming anthology, In Poe's Shadow. See for details.

So mull it over, and get back to us. And as always, thank you for your patronage, your support, and your creativity.


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  1. In response to your question in regards to a Lovecraft edition or anthology. I would love to see something like this and love even more the chance to submit something and take my chances. If it comes to fruition - I'd like to give it a shot.

    - N