Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Face of Stone and Light...

The first cover for the premier issue of Bete Noire Magazine is done. On a recent trip to lovely and historic Paris, France, A.W. and I spent several hours slowing creeping through the beautiful monuments of an old church undergoing restoration. The Eglise Saint Jean de Montmartre, notable for being the first example of reinforced concrete construction, sits in Paris on the Rue des Abbesses.  Seeing the face of one statue in particular, her angelic face caressed by the new morning sun, we couldn't resist in capturing a small part of her soul.

I love cemeteries and old churches,(in truth old dilapidated buildings in general), reading the epitaphs of the long forgotten and the never-were's. Tragic and beautiful; it oddly makes me appreciate my own mortality.

So, the cover is done.

And in better news, A.W. sold several photographs to House of Horror. They'll appear in issue #15, due out August 30th. A perfect way to celebrate the first open reading period of Bete Noire Magazine.

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